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Whether you just want to store a smaller number of pallets for a short time or set up a global warehousing concept, we are ready for the task.

Services tailored for your products

We offer complete warehouse services to take care of all your needs. We receive, store, pack, track and ship your products. Our warehouse management system provides full control of the movement and storage of materials in the warehouse and in your supply chain. Operations should be lean and hassle-free. Nmeri Exploitant offers a set of packaging services that enables customers to focus on their core products and processes to grow their business. Packing, kitting, warehousing, and containerization are examples of services that we custom build to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Reduced Cost

With our warehouse management system, you can free up capital and focus on your core business.


All items are tracked, letting you know when your product is leaving the warehouse and when it will arrive, giving full control and visibility over your supply chain.


You can focus all your resources on your core business and still have complete control of all your items and packaging components through our IoT platform.




24/7 support

We offer top-notch customer care service to all our client, giving them the best support we can offer.

On time delivery

We offer fast and reliable delivery to all our clients, giving the best of delivery service they have ever seen. WE ARE NEVER LATE!

global service

We offer a host of logistic management services, importation of quality product, warehousing and supply chain solutions.